Project Desk

Orion SLM offers outsourcing service to Freight Forwarders and NVOs for oversize shipment and project cargo. We target projects that fall under our customer’s special project team’s minimum engagement policy.


  • Point to Point Transportation Management.
  • Freight Forwarding, Validation and Export Clearance.
  • Route and Site Survey.
  • Solutions Consulting.

Why outsourcing to Orion?

We provide customized solutions for each project creating competitive advantages for our customers.

We save costs, increase revenues and productivity by providing a virtual project desk. Our customers can redirect valuable resources more efficiently and strategically to their core business.

We provide up-front analysis of each project enabling us to execute as a seamless extension of our customer’s mission and vision.

We help our customers maximize this revenue stream and provide the tools, service and focus needed to build a platform for growth in this niche.

Project Desk Image

Advantages of outsourcing to Orion your special projects:

  • Expedited response to project cargo quotes.
  • Turnkey solution for small to medium projects.
  • Execution Excellence.
  • Saving in man hours, allows each to focus on core business.
  • Improve performance in this niche.
  • Non-competitive relationship.

72 hours turn around on quote request