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Orion SLM provides around the clock logistics services. We expedite the move of any type of equipment required to avoid prolonged downtime of equipment, machinery, industrial facilities, power plants, mines, etc…

We understand the need for fast and efficient response to emergencies. In these cases, lost time equals lost production and disruption of supply chains, so the faster the project is executed the faster the recovery take place. Fast recovery ensures the working flow is re-established thereby minimizing our customers’ exposure to unnecessary and avoidable loss.


  • Around the clock expedite logistics.
  • Point to Point Logistics Solution.
  • Routing and Solution Consulting.
  • Route and Site Survey.
  • Transportation and Logistics Execution.

How can Orion help you?

We provide international logistics services utilizing non-standard routings and conveyance and focused on minimizing loss associated with time related delays.

We will perform time-cost benefit analysis and assist our customers to define the option that best meets their needs.

We offer consulting services to our customers to analyze and validate solutions provided by third party providers.

We provide our customer with access to our global network of providers for local knowledge and expertise.

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Advantages of partnering with Orion:

  • Around the clock services.
  • Expedited response to time sensitive shipments.
  • Turnkey solution for your time sensitive projects.
  • Extensive experience in international logistics.
  • Execution Excellence.

Expedited Quoting and Execution